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Rails 4/?

Title: Rails
Pairing: Hantoria, Kihae With Kyumin & A Secret Pairing; BROTHER!HaeMinHyuk
Rating: PG-13; PG For this chapter
Genre: Action Adventure, Romance, Historical AU
Summary: {For This Chapter} Donghae Asks Eunhyuk For Help; Sulli & Krystal Get Ready

A/N: Late... /shot
And short... /shot twice
Almost Drabble... /shot thrice(?)

{Donghae's POV}

"Hyukkie...?" I said quietly in the darkness of our bedroom. All was quiet. The only audible sound was Hyukkie's breathing. And my voice of course. "Hyukkie...?"

No answer.


There was a slight movement under his pale blue sheets, but he did not wake up.


"Huh?!" He exclaimed as he sat up. He looked left then right, then left and right again before finally noticing me. "Hae? What...? What time is it?"

"It's midnight! I need your help."

"What?! Midnight?!" He was now obviously angry. He clenched his fist and grabbed the collar of my black and blue shirt, pulling me close to him. "Why would you wake me up at MIDNIGHT?!"

"I... ummm... I was bored...?"

I'm in trouble now...


{Sulli's POV}

It was dark, and all that lit up my room was my favorite scented candle. It smelled of sweet strawberries as the flame flickered in the silence of my bedroom. I really should be sleeping right now, but I couldn't.

I look up to Krystal, who had fallen asleep on my bed, her jet black hair scattered on my pink, polka-dot pillow. Her favorite black, leather boots sat on the floor next to the border of my bed.

I breathed in, taking in all the aroma the candle had to offer and let out the air slowly. I put my long, brown hair into a high ponytail and close my eyes.

"Be strong... You can do it..." I whispered to myself.

"Be strong... You have to do this... For... Your family..."


{Krystal's POV}

I woke up the next morning to the smell of strawberries and knew that Sulli had forgotten to put out her candle. That's the fourth one she's burned up this month. Luckily they were cheap, but money is money and we need as much as we can get.

I scanned the room and find Sulli passed out on the floor next to her bed. Her favorite teddybear plushie was caught in her tender embrace, and my boots served as her pillow.

I rubbed my eyes and began to wake her.

"Sulli-Unnie, wake up."

Today. It was... Today...

A/N: This is super-uber late. I'm sorry T-T
Tags: hangeng/victoria, kibum/donghae, kyuhyun/sungmin
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