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Oneshot: May I Be Excused?

Title: May I Be Excused?
Pairing: Kibum/Donghae
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Summary: Kibum wants to say sorry. Donghae only wanted to go to the bathroom.

WARNING: Extreme Fail

A/N: This was so random~

Tick... Tock... The clock was slowly ticking. Every second felt like an hour as Mr. Lee continued on with his lecture on why students should know what factorial equations are. The students were either asleep or doodling. All but one student named Kim Kibum.

Kibum was a straight A student. He was a 'nerd' as people say, but that didn't stop Donghae from asking him to be his boyfriend. Yes, Lee Donghae, the school hottie, asked the nerd Kibum to be his boyfriend. It's actually quite an interesting story; Donghae was attacked by a gang after school one day, and Kibum saved him. Quite ironic considering Kibum was horrible in any physical activity. Push ups, Climbing, even simples things like running was difficult for him to do.

They were going strong for over two years until that one day. Kibum rather work on his homework go to Donghae's soccer game, which his team lost anyways. Donghae was crushed and hadn't talked to Kibum since.


Two boys lay down in each other's arms on a bed. It was three in the morning, but they didn't care. So what if they had school in a few hours? So what if he had a game after school? All they cared about was each other. They loved each other. Why should they care what other people think?

"Kibummie?" The older boy said keeping his legs intertwined and his arms around the younger one.


"You're going to my game later right?" He smiled.



"I was gonna do homework."

"Oh..." Tears started to accumulate in the older's eyes.


The room was filled with Mr. Lee's voice. Then, Donghae put his hand up. Obviously pissed off, Mr. Lee called on him.

"May I go to the restroom?" He asks jumping up and down in his seat.

"Can't you hold it?" Mr. Lee replied in his usually angry manner.


Mr. Lee sighed and excused him. And then another hand went up.

"I need to go too." Said a shy Kibum.

Mr. Lee groaned. "Go."


{Kibum's POV}

I stood up from my seat and manouvered my way in between the desks and chairs then out the door. I stepped into the hallway, and walk towards Donghae after hearing the door slam into it's frame. My slow steps quickly turned into me running. When I reached him, I wrapped my arms around him and began to sob. "I'm sorry, hyung. I truly am sorry."

{Donghae's POV}

I was stopped from walking any further when a pair of arms wrapped around me. The person started sobbing and said, "I'm sorry, hyung. I truly am sorry."

"Kibummie..." I said under my breath.

"I'm sorry..." He said once again, his tears falling on the back of my school uniform, causing it to dampen.

There was a long silence as we stood in the middle of the hallway surrounded by sapphire blue lockers and school spirit posters. Kibum's arms never gave up their hold.

"I forgive you, Kibummie."

" do?"


He let go of his hold, allowing me to turn around.

"I love you, Kibummie."

"I love you, Donghae."

We stood there looking at each other for a few more moments before locking our lips in a tender kiss. It was a simple kiss, nothing more, nothing less, but one that felt it lasted forever.

After a few more moments, I realize that I had to do something important and break the kiss. "Kibummie, I gotta pee."

He laughs as I quickly run to the restroom.

"Let me help you with that." He says as he runs behind me.

A/N: THIS IS SO FAIL!!! So this was originally gonna be Kyumin, then Kihae smut, now it's Kihae fluff =D If enough people ask, I'll try to make a second part with smutz. i got the idea at school when i had to go to the bathroom xD and now... -runs-
Tags: kibum/donghae
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