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Rails - Chapter 1

Rails: Chapter 1

A/N: Hae's hyung DongHwa doesn't exist here, but Ahra and Sungjin do. -Is Shot- And even tho this fic takes place in America, this will still have Korean expressions and such. And also, this is shorter than the prologue. O___O

{Sulli's POV}

All of us. All of our parents lost their jobs. Luckily, I had saved five-hundred dollars of allowance. This was going to get us somewhere, but not too far.

As usual, the streets of New York were loud and most of the lights were on. Ever night, less and less lights were being lit. Businesses were getting bankrupt and stores and shops were going out of business. Jobs were being lost left and right.

"Sulli, do you think you could spare just a teenee bit of that money for dinner?" My friend Lizzy asked as she did her aegyo. She knows I always have to say yes to her adorable aegyo.

"I guess..."

We made our way to Sapphire Blue Diner and sat ourselves at a table to wait for a waiter. We ordered and it was closing time, so we left... Or Lizzy left. I decided to stay after I heard something very... Useful.


{Donghae's POV;One Day Later}

I walked the streets of New York in search of others who's parents lost their jobs. Just like mine. It was night time. The lights were all on... Most of the lights were on...

Everything changed when Appa died and Umma lost her job. My brothers Hyukjae, Sungmin, and Sungjin all did what we could to help.

Hyukjae, or Eunhyuk as he liked to be called, began to look for jobs, Sungmin began teaching martial arts classes for a dollar each, and Sungjin did all the house work while Umma relaxed. I however, planned to run away. Not run away, run away, but look for a job, run away.

I heard crying coming from behind a corner, and I decide to see what was going on. I see a girl with glasses and medium length hair sitting down on the sidewalk crying her eyes out.

"E...Excuse me?" I said startling her.

"H...Huh?" She managed to say.

"May I... May I ask why you're crying?" I felr bad for her. I really did. Maybe I could make her feel better.

"My... My Appa lost his job, and my Umma left us..."

I thought back to what Leeteuk had said last night. Maybe, just maybe, I could help her.

"Ummm... Maybe I could help you with that."

She looks up at me with a puzzled look on her face.

"I'm Donghae. Lee Donghae." I introduced myself.

"Kibum. Kim Kibum."

I smile at her and extend my arm offering to help and up. "Well, Kibum-ssi, it's nice to meet you."
Continue or not? :)
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