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Rails - Prologue

Rails: Prologue
Rating: PG to PG-13
Genre: Friendship, Romance, Drama, Family, Angst?, Historical AU
Characters: Main: Hangeng, Donghae, Key, Henry, Krystal, Amber, Victoria, girl!Kibum [Super Junior (+M), SNSD, f(x), SHINee, After School, 2PM]
Pairings: Donghae/girl!Kibum, Hangeng/Victoria, With Plenty Of Other Pairings
Length: Chaptered
Summary: Everything was going great! Until the depression... AU
Notes: Takes Place During The Great Depression in AMERICA -is shot-

IMPORTANT: This story will change POVs very often, so your undivided attention is recommended. -sounds like an annoying teacher-

{Krystal's POV}

It was like another summer afternoon. The sun's rays eminating from the clear blue sky. It was hot. But I liked this kind of weather. Unlike my extremely girly sister, Jessica, I wasn't afraid to get my hands dirty or break a nail. Nope. I was ready to do dirty the dirty work.

"Target in sight." Amber, my best friend whispered as we hid in the bushes in front of a pastry shop. It didn't have doors in the front making it an extremely easy target.

"Ready." Kim Kibum, or Key as he liked to be called, said as he looked at Amber with his loving stare.

Yes. They've been together for over a year. I personally don't think it's gonna last any longer, but hey, you never know.

"Distraction, Go!" Amber signaled Key to do his thing.

I could see him. He was walking towards the stall, and... Yes! He tripped. And now... Yes! The guy is helping him up. Time to make my move.

I quickly run out of the bush, purposely tripping as well, causing my pouch of fake blood to burst, which made my knee look like it was bleeding. Go Amber, Go!

As the man walks towards me to help, Amber quickly and carefully snuck behind the stall and took a bag full of rolls, before crawling away.

Mission success.

{Third Person POV}

Krystal, Amber and Key returned to their homes with the stolen rolls equally divided. All three were usually punished and sent to their room without dinner because of their antics, so this was the only solution for them to get food.

Krystal opened her bedroom door and set the rolls under her bed.

"Where have you been?"

She turns around to see a pissed-off Jessica standing under her white door frame, one hand on her hips, and the other on the door frame.

"Oh you know... Outside..." She replied trying to act innocent.

It didn't work.

"Are you forgetting you were grounded for three weeks?"

"Well, uh... Well... You see..." She tried to focus the attention away from her pillow.

Sadly, it didn't work either.

"What did you steal this time?" She spat, slowly inching her way towards her younger sister.

"Huh?" She backed up trying to create more room for herself.

"Pick up your pillow."

"Huh?" She was running out of room.


She sighed. She knew she didn't stand a chance.

"Fine..." She picked up her pillow revealing what seemed about 10 freshly cooked rolls.


"I'm sorry! It's just... Unnie... I always have to sleep hungry and..." Tears started forming in her eyes.

Krystal rarely cried, and when she did, Jessica always knew that she had strong feelings about the subject.

"Shh... It's okay..." She wrapped her arms around the younger one.

She lay in bed with Krystal for a few hours until the maid walked into the room.

"Miss Jessica, you have a visitor." A woman, about 50-60, told her in a frail voice.

"Send her up."

Within moments, a girl with black hair walked into her room. She didn't have her usual smile on.

Something was wrong

"Tiffany, what's wrong?" She asked with sympathy in her high-pitched voice.

"Appa... Appa lost his job..."

{Krystal's POV}

It had been two weeks since Tiffany-Unnie told us her appa lost his job. It seems like everyone was loosing their jobs... Yuri-Unnie, Victoria-Unnie, and even Key-Oppa's appas lost their jobs. What was going on? I was scared. I didn't know what to think... What happens if Appa lost his job? If Umma lost her position as the club's only singer?

Last night, Umma and Appa didn't look very happy... We were to have dinner with the Hwangs tonight, but seeing as they probably don't have enough money to feed themselves, why should they feed us.

I sat at the dinner table, in my spot. The spot that was always empty after dinner started. As we all took our seats and got our food, Appa stood up. He had something to say.

"Umma and I... We lost our jobs..."


{Third Person POV; One Week Later}

A group of friends were huddled at a local diner. It was almost closing time, but since one of them had an uncle who worked here, they could stay until after closing.

"So," A boy with a soft voice. He had short black hair, which didn't suit him much. He looked better with longer hair. "You're saying you want us to find people to take to help find jobs, Teuk?"

"And they have to be kids?" A highly energetic boy added.

(A/N: Just take a guess who that is. Take a guess nao!
Didja Guess?)

"Yes, Hae, they have to be kids." The oldest one of the group told him. "And, Kyung, this is the only way to help."

(A/N: Didja guess right?)

"And why should we help?" The boy with short black hair said.

"Oh my god, Kyung. You're the one who said we should help people! Just please. Please?"

He sighed. "Fine."

A/N: I think I'm getting my thing back! Yay!!! I did not write bad before when I was on FF... Oh shizzle. I don't have an FF! -nervous smile- Chapter One is shorter than this O___O
Oh and... It's my birthday tomorrow, so... Hai~
Is JaeSeong in Chinese Jai Xiang? Lawl
Seriously, if you're Chinese, answer that.
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